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Soundhive is a boutique sound and music design house that has teamed up with media designers in North Parramatta for over fifteen years.

About us

At Soundhive, we produce music developed and integrated for animation, video soundtracks, and background music, sound design and voiceover.

Soundhive sells sync licenses for music and sound, along with design agreements for custom music and sound solutions, pricing quote on a per-project basis.

History in North Parramatta

Starting in 2000, Soundhive produced music and sound for design agencies on cutting edge marketing tasks throughout all sectors.

From 2010 on, we concentrated on music and media education and training and critical music production, and music video production

Now we focus on community and youth music and sound tasks and audio production for sustainable environmental and social justice media productions.

We operate in North Parramatta and Oatlands, Northmead, Parramatta, Westmead, Harris Park, Rosehill, Camellia, Dundas, Mays Hill, Telopea.

What does an audio engineer do when mastering music?

sound North ParramattaSo you’re an artist that just recorded your first album. You most likely entered into a recording studio and played all of your parts a number of times, with the audio engineer handling all of the technical stuff. As far as you know, they must have the ability to take all the parts they recorded, burn it to a disc, and then it must be prepared to press. While this isn’t entirely wrong, most expert musicians take their mixed down the recording and pass it off to somebody else for mastering.

What is mastering?

Mastering is the last step in the production of an album where they add the last “polish” to the recording. This is done by technically enhancing the clarity of the mixes. This makes the compilation of tunes sound more coherent, more “together”. This also guarantees that the mixes sound well on all listening gadgets.
Well, that’s all great and dandy, but does an expert mastering technician do when mastering a recording?

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1. Volume Level Maximization
This is to make sure that all audio is at optimal volume so that all tunes are at the exact same volume level. Ever watch late-night TV, where the volume of the commercials are a couple of notches higher than the program you were seeing? If an expert mastering engineer was involved, they would raise the volume of a TV program to match the volume of the commercials.

2. Ensuring a Constant Balance of Frequencies
This guarantees that all frequencies are accounted for in the recording; bass, mids, and treble so that there are no areas where there is no bass/mids/treble.

3. Noise Decrease
This is the process of eliminating noise from an audio signal. When utilizing analog technology, sound recordings display a type of noise called tape hiss. This is related to the particle size and texture used in the magnetic emulsion that is sprayed on the recording media, and also to the relative tape speed throughout the tape heads.

4. Encoding.
An expert mastering lab may also take your recording and encode the UPC (Universal Product Code), ISRC (International Standard Recording Code), CD-Text (extra details about the CD, e.g. album name, tune name, and artist name) or other PQ details.

5. Mistake Monitoring.
This guarantees the stability of the data stream throughout CD duplication/replication at any CD manufacturing plant.

Still confused about what an expert mastering engineer does to your CD audio recording when you hand it off to them? Do not worry, audio learning is a very complex process. We hope that you better understand why expert learning is an important part of the whole audio production process. It can make a world of difference!

Searching For Music Videos On DVD in North Parramatta

North Parramatta libraryIndividuals who enjoy music videos have gone from Beta to VHS and now find their favorite tunes appearing on DVD. With each new step of technology, the photos became more clear, the sound more defined and an improved experience in general. These qualities are all extremely crucial, specifically when it comes to music videos. With crystal clear images, unparalleled sounds and tons of included features, music videos on DVD are a hit.

Gone are the days when music videos were used just to promote a tune. Nowadays, they are so much more. Many music videos in fact tell a story through a combination of lyrics and video. If you are seeking to buy music videos, the alternatives are actually endless. Almost every seller, both online and in North Parramatta, brings a large choice of music videos from today’s most popular new tunes and music superstars.

Other sound engineers in North Parramatta

The new music videos are usually more expensive than older titles so, if you’re on a budget, have a look at the titles that have been released for a year or longer. You may be surprised at the bargains to be found. In addition, video clubs are a fantastic method to develop a great collection of music videos and they tend to offer great deals every month.

If you’re still in the market for music videos and haven’t found a video rental store or North Parramattaseller, have a look at among the numerous online sellers who offer a wide range of music videos on DVD. The web is maybe the very best method to find the largest choice of music videos with vendors around the globe. This broad reach provides consumers with a chance to buy music videos that they may otherwise not have the ability to find in North Parramatta. With the web, a client’s alternatives are essentially limitless. A relentless sea of music videos is just a click away.

If you are shopping for music videos for a kid, you will want to make sure that the music videos you are selecting are proper for the child’s age. When many think of music videos, they think of the latest in pop or rock ‘n roll when, in truth, there are actually other varieties. There are music videos specially developed for kids, which feature cartoon characters and animated video for your child to enjoy. The most crucial thing to consider when it comes to music videos, including both their audio and video features, is that it is age-appropriate.

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